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Alexandra Granat

I am a three time winner of the Annual Merit Scholarship (flute, 2017-2019) at the Community Music Center in San Francisco. As a member of the Sunset Youth Orchestra, I was a performer at Carnegie Hall with the New York Sounds of Summer International Music Festival in 2016, and performed at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles in 2018. I am a member of PYO Chamber Flutes Choir (1st flutes), PYO Woodwind Quintet (2nd flutes) and a guest performer with Magic Flutes Orchestra and La Orquesta Fusion Tango. Also, I am the first flute in the “Into the Woods” Lowell HS spring 2020 musical. Participated in The Flutes by the Sea Festival and master classes in 2019, master classes with Robert Stallman, Lisandro Baum, Hector Del Curto.Teachers: Annelise Zamula (flute), Viviana Guzman (flute ensemble), Pamela Ravenelle (flute orchestra), Tatyana Loskutova (chamber ensemble).

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