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Anh Linh Tran

Anh Linh Tran began her studies in music at the age of 6 years old under Professor Miss Angela Ho's teaching in Canada. With her artistic passion for piano, she won First Prize in the Youth Music Festival 2012, 2013 and 2015 in Festival Musique Jeuness Quebec-Ontario. An opportunity came upon, receiving an invitation to the International Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition and to perform in the Winners Recital in Austria's capital, Vienna Musikverein 2018-2019. Indeed, with the greatest honor of winning Second Prize in this competition. Furthermore, this year she is going to stage another performance with the Prize Winners Recital in the Crescendo International Competitions 2020 for winning amid her grace. This performance takes place at Carnegie Hall in New York that will symbolize the elegance and prestige of several venues in classical music. From her heart, music is the importance of light that realized the acknowledgment of dignity and freedom.

She desired further experiences and knowledge of classical music to achieve greatness and belief on stage. This one holds an awareness of the accomplishments and hardship. She once quoted -don't practice till you get it right, practice until you will never get it wrong.

Presently, she 15 years old is Durocher Saint-Lambert in Quebec and love music alongside art and thrive for new challenges that behold her.

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