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Rohan Iyer

Rohan has been learning classical piano since the age of 4. He is 14 years old and is currently studying with the Vienna Academy of Music and Arts in Vienna, VA. Recently he won Honorable Mention in the 2019 International AAMS Piano Competition. He is also a very active member of Young Musicians Inspiring Change (YMIC), frequently volunteering his time to play at Benefit Concerts as well as Senior Homes on the weekends. He also takes on a leadership role in his music academy by helping teach piano to preschoolers weekly. In addition to piano, Rohan is a talented vocalist and sings in the top choir in his high school. In addition to these musical pursuits, Rohan has been on the Varsity Tennis Team, CyberPatriot, and Debate team at his high school. He's also been to Nationals of Quiz Bowl. In his free time, he loves doing CrossFit, reading, and coding iPhone Apps.

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