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Sophia Louie (violin)

Sophia Louie is a freshman at Westwood High School in Austin, TX. She started playing violin at the age of eight and has been studying with Dr. Alexander Serafimov since 2016. In 2016, after playing for less than three years, she was awarded Honorable Mention in the 8th Young Musicians’ Festival. In 2019, she won first prize in the Blackerby Young Violinists Competition and second prize for Great Composers Competition, The Art of Strings. She is a currently a member of her high school's top (Symphony) orchestra and has been concertmistress with her nationally ranked middle school orchestra. She has also performed Chamber Music as part of a quartet in the Chamber Music in Public Schools (CHAMPS) program.

In addition to violin, Sophia is an accomplished pianist and has won several competitions including first prizes in the Austin Solo Contest, first place in the Schedler Scholarship competition, third place for the 2018 Texas Performance Solo Contest, second place in the 2019 Baylor/Waco Piano Competition and first prize for the 2019 Steinway Junior Piano Competition. Her piano teacher is Emily Yeh Chow. As well as playing and performing beautiful music, Sophia enjoys dancing, running, swimming, travelling and listening to music.

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