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Natalie O'Neil

Natalie is a 15-year-old French Immersion, honours student from Belleville, Ontario.
She has always loved singing and sang in the junior church choir at a young age for two years.
She left the choir to pursue other activities that included horseback riding and swimming.
In January of 2018, Natalie returned to singing with formal lessons from Michael Faulkner.
The highlight of her musical career in the past 21 months was singing at Carnegie Hall!
Natalie is an avid history enthusiast and loves languages.

She enjoys reading in her spare time and has been part of a book club since Grade 3.
Natalie is an old soul who loves extended family gatherings and
hanging out at home with her parents, brother Callum and dog Bruno.
One quirky fact about Natalie is that she loves to cook and indulge in
extra spicy Indian Food.

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