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Inga Wygant

Inga has always had a passion for piano, singing & composing. She sings in her local Church choir and events. Inga started piano at age 3, and is currently enrolled in piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. She has received honors for several exams. Inga's musical debut was at the age of 6, when she performed Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor on the piano with a violinist accompaniment at a non profit art event. Lang Lang is Inga's piano inspiration. Inga first got an opportunity to meet with him when she was 4 years old, at a formal event after a concert. Inga also won a "Share the Music" International Competition through the Lang Lang International Music Foundation in which her video went viral worldwide. As a winner, Inga got to meet her idol Lang Lang for the second time, and attend his concert as his guest. Inga is home schooled and focuses specifically on honing her piano, and also opera singing. Inga likes to compose on the piano and keep meticulous notes in her composition book. Inga is currently studying a piano concerto to perform with an orchestra in Italy. Besides music, Inga loves art, reading books, and gardening. Inga has 3 goats named Sunny, Skunkie, and Rachmaninoff that she cares for on her family ranch in California.

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