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Heeley Wu

Heeley is a 6-year-old girl from Hong Kong. She won 1st place in Hong Kong Asia Music Competition, Hong Kong Talent Contest and HK Performing Art Festival in 2018. She won 1st place in Hong Kong Youth Talent Music Competiton in 2019. When she became 5 years old, she began 4th grade and had the great honour of participating in the Christmas Harp Recital in HK MTR station, charity performance in Yan Chai Hospital and had a chance to perform in a local TV Program. In 4th grade, she won 1st place in the Inter-school International Performance Challenge, 28th Performer of Orchestra and Percussion Competition, HK Youth and Children Music Competition, Shatin School Music Competition, Asia Music Competition and HK Music Open Competition. Recently She has won a Special Gold Award in Paris Music Competition, 1st Prize Award in Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition and Champion in Okinawa International Music Competition.  She was also awarded 1st Place in Rocky Mountain Music Competition, The Music of 17th and 20th Century International Music Competition, Hong Kong Music Talent Award and International Fringe Music Competition, etc. Her dream is to be a harpist.

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