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Ayushi Bhatnagar

The gratifying sound of scales being executed flawlessly and the roar of applause as she stands atop a stage looking out into the vast crowd, knowing that the many hours spent practicing and the tears shed have finally led to something so surreal. The fulfillment piano has gifted Ayushi with is unparalleled, and she sees her practices as a destress period rather than a chore.

Ayushi started playing the piano at the age of nine, completing level after level before moving on to classics of composers such as Beethoven and Rachmaninoff. With each recital, she could feel herself getting better and better, her confidence escalating and her stage fright diminishing. She owes all her growth as a musician to her passionate teacher, Helen Lee, who has held her hand and guided her every step of the way. Additionally, being a dancer for almost nine years has given Ayushi a sense of rhythm she can manifest when playing the piano.

Ayushi channels her attachment to the piano into sharing the beauty of music with her community. The Fremont Kaiser Permanente Hospital was the first health center where she received an opportunity to touch those who at times find it difficult to smile. Just catching a glimpse of the faces of patients and onlookers lighting up made her feel she was playing a significant role in their healing process. She has also played at senior centers, touching the hearts of seniors as they each became nostalgic about their musical past. As her ability to perform became more refined, she proceeded to enroll in the American Protege competition in which she received Fourth Place. Because of this, she was invited to play at Carnegie Hall in New York. Since then, she has received the second and first place at two respective Youth Focus competitions. In the future, Ayushi hopes to go on to compose pieces of her own, taking into account the emotions that she touches of the people around her wherever she goes to share her music. While piano is one of Ayushi’s most prominent pursuits, she enjoys taking part in dancing and singing and hopes to major in Bioengineering in College.

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