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Arav Santhanam

Arav Santhanam is twelve years old and has a passion for music. He began to play piano at age seven and started learning piano with the Suzuki School of Newton for several years. He currently trains under Ms. Helena Vesterman. Arav has performed in the local area, including solo recitals, workshops and Piano chamber orchestra at the New England Conservatory, Suzuki Music Festival. Arav has also been performing in chamber music for past few years. He has been won the first place at the Elite International Music Competition and the Golden Classical Music Awards. In addition he has won awards at the Best Beethoven Competition, best Romantic music competition, and the Art of Piano from the Great Composers Competition Series, and the Glory International Romantic Music Competition. Arav has been invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall and will be performing during spring and summer’2020. Arav has also received the Honorable Mention at the New England Piano Teacher’s Association for the Nancy Olivia award.

Arav is equally adept at playing Violin. He started learning violin with the Suzuki school of newton and currently student of Ms. Fudeko Takahashi. He has performed in several recitals and workshops, been an active orchestral musician and play at the New England Conservatory of Music and school Orchestra. He has been awarded in the Best Mozart Competition held by Great Composers Competition Series. Have been part of the premier touring ensemble ""In-Harmony"" in Newton, MA, where he has played in several locations in Boston and also traveled to Bermuda for my performances. He has also been nominated for the Honors Performance Series.

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