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Riku Sakai

Riku C. Sakai, age 15, is a freshman at Gunn High School. He is currently studying with Ms. Erna Gulabyan and has been since 2018. Riku received two 1st places in 2020 USOMC, 1st place in Best Liszt competition from Great Composer Competition, 1st place in AFAF Romantic Music, 1st place and two 2nd places in 2019 USOMC, 1st place in 2018 USOMC with an additional Outstanding Gold Medalist Award, 3rd place in Chopin Competition 2018. Riku also played in an ensemble and won 1st place in 2017 American Protégé Competition, 2nd place in 2017 USIMC, and 3rd place in 2017 USOMC. While not playing piano, Riku loves to play soccer at a competitive Premier League.

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