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Madeline De Geest (violin)

Madeline De Geest, age 14, is a homeschooled ninth grader. She moved from Belgium to St. Louis at age 2. Madeline's love for music was undeniable from when she was just a baby: the only way to soothe her was with Bach music and especially with his Arioso.

Madeline plays the violin and is studying with Mrs. Joo Kim. She is now in her third year in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra (first violin section), having been the youngest member for two years in a row. Madeline made her orchestral solo debut with the violin as a winner of the 2016 Missouri Baptist Solo Concerto Competition. Since then, she has soloed with the University City Symphony Orchestra and the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra.

Madeline was one of the six finalists of the 2019 St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto Competition.

Madeline also plays the piano and is the 2017 State Winner of the MTNA Junior Piano Competition and is the 2017 Mary Stillwell Young Artists' Concerto Competition Guild Award winner from the Alton Symphony Orchestra, with which she made her orchestral piano solo debut. Additionally, she is also the 2017 winner of the Missouri Baptist Solo Concerto Competition. In 2019, Madeline performed the complete Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1 as a winner of the 2018 Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra’s Stars of Tomorrow Competition. Madeline completed these achievements studying with Ms. Zena Ilyashov.

Madeline is strongly interested in conducting and composing. She studies conducting under Dr. Robert Hart Baker.

Madeline's hobbies include hiking, exploring nature, doing math, reading (including science books), and drawing cartoons.

Madeline would like to extend special thanks to her incredible teachers, and her parents for their support and inspiration.

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