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Aleksandra Deshevaia

Aleksandra had her first piano lessons with Svetlana Izmailova at the age of 4,5 in Saint Peterburg, Russia. Several months later she had to have a one year break because of complicated surgical treatment of her leg in the US. By return to Russia, Aleksandra has continued to take piano lessons with Svetlana Izmailova and has become a student of a state music school. In March 2020 Aleksandra became the First Degree Laureate at the XXVIII All-Russian Children's Musical Competition named after D. Shostakovich. Aleksandra is very active and artistic child. She likes to sing and perform on scene and has already had several successful roles in the children's musicals. She says that her dreams are to have healthy legs and to play grand piano in a grand philharmonic hall. 

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