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Tse Wai Yu Precious

     Precious is a 11-year-old girl who lives in Hong Kong. She started learning harp at the age of 7. She awarded champions in both categories of ABRSM Harp Solo 2017 (Primary 1-3, age below 10),(Grade 2 harp) and 2018 (Primary 1-3, age below 10),(Grade 3 Harp) at Inter-School International Performance Challenge of these two years. In 2017, she participated in the 5th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival International Final (ABRSM Harp Solo) and awarded the First runner up. In 2019, Precious has been awarded the “Grand Prix” at Rocky Mountain Piano and Strings Competition, Canada (2019), First Prize Winner of Artist of the Year (2019) - Great Composers Competition (Harp, age below 10), First Prize Winner of the Rising Talents of Asia & Oceania Competition (Harp, age below 10) and the Second Prize in the 10th International Music Competition Belgrade, Serbia (2019). Also, she awarded the Second Prize in the IMKA International Internet Music Competition (2019). 

      This year, Precious has been awarded the champion at Rocky Mountain Strings Competition, Canada 2020 (Grade 8 - Harp), Second Prize of The Music of America Competition (2020) (ABRSM Grade 8 Harp, age below 10). She is the 1st Prize Winner of the Music of 17th century (5th edition) Competition (2020), the 2nd Prize of the Music of Germany & Australia Harp Competition 2020 (Grade 8, age below 13). In Hong Kong, she awarded champions in both categories of Hong Kong Charity Music Festival Competition 2020 (ABRSM Grade 8 – Harp, Zoom group) and (Online video group, age below 13), the 2nd runner-up of International Fringe Music Competition 2020 (ABRSM Grade 7-8, Harp), the 2nd runner-up of CADA Creative Arts & Development (Music– Harp) Competition 2020 (Primary 5-6), the 1st runner-up at Hong Kong Angel Charity Music Competition 2020 (Lever Harp Solo, Primary 4-6). 

      Precious had the great honour of participating in the Christmas Harp Recital in the Hong Kong MTR station last year. She also had the great chance to present harp in many music charity events on both harp such as Oxfam Music Marathon Hong Kong.

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