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Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee, age 12, was born to a non-musical family. When he was nine, he heard Bach’s six suites for cello played, and was entranced by its sonority.  From then on he expressed a desire to play the cello and now studies with Brady Anderson in Pleasanton, California. He also plays chamber music and is in his school orchestra. Ryan began competing when he was 10, and has won prizes in several competitions, including the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) VOCE State, MTAC VOCE Alameda County, the California American String Teachers Association - San Francisco competition (CalASTA), United States International Music Competition (USIMC), the Korean-American Music Supporters' Association Competition (KAMSA), the United States Open Music Competition (USOMC), and the GCC Rising Talents of America competition. He is always eager to play the cello and loves the sound of it, both high and low.  When he isn't playing the cello, he can be found reading sheet music online, doing math, or coding.

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