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Austin Wang

Austin is a sixteen-year old Taiwanese American student enrolled at Northwood High School in Irvine, California. Some of his musical accomplishments include leading as the concertmaster of the 2017 Irvine Unified School District Middle School Honor Orchestra, participating in California's All-State Orchestra for 3 years, playing in the Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra for 2 years, winning prizes in competitions such as MTAC-OC Concerto Competitions, Orange County Musical Arts Competition, American Protege, and SYMF competitions. He has also played in a grand opening ceremony for the City of Irvine as well as in lots of senior homes for his school clubs to spread his love for music and foster the younger generation's musical education. Besides playing the violin, Austin enjoys problem-solving in mathematics, programming, and physics, playing video games with friends, and wasting time on social media and YouTube.

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