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Sophia Xie

Sophia Xie, 14, of Lexington MA, is a musician, artist, athlete, and student who is dedicated to pursuing her academic and artistic passions. Sophia began her musical training on piano at five years old and started learning violin at seven. Sophia plays the violin at Youth Symphony of New England Conservatory Prep School. She had her first solo piano and violin recital when she was 10 and performed regularly at community outreach performances. Sophia has won numerous musical awards including second place 2018 MMTA Bay State violin contest, Honors Performance Middle School Orchestra at Carnegie Hall June 2018, State Junior District 2018, 2nd place Violin and piano 2017 CAI Virtuoso Competition II / winner performance at Carnegie Hall, first place (State winner) age group MTNA (Music Teacher National Association) Junior Performance Competition 2016, third place in 2015 and 2016 Roman Totenberg Young Strings Competition, third place 2013 & 2014, and second place 2015 age group in the Bay State Piano Competition.

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