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Irina Petrushevska

Irina Petrushevska was born on November 30. 2002 in Skopje, R.S. Macedonia, where she lives ..
Irina is a student in the 4th year of high school in DMBUC ""Ilija Nikolovski Luj"", at the piano department, in the class of Prof. Mariana Vlaisavljevic.

From the very beginning of high school she shows the greatest success in learning and teaching activities in school and is an excellent student.

Irina shows highest results from an early age and has won many domestic and international awards: Third prize at the World Internet Competition ""Encor International Piano and Violin Competition"" for young pianists in 2015 in a competition of 30 pianists aged 11 to 15 years; Second prize at the World Internet competition ""Great Composers Competition"" for young pianists in 2017 and 2019. in competition with pianists of the same age and many more. 

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