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Cadence Sng Wei Mei

Cadence Sng is 8 years of age. She loves singing musical, popular, classical and operatic songs. She began formal vocal training in January 2018.

In April 2018 she took Grade 6 London College of Music Theatre examination and obtained “Distinction”. And in November 2018, she obtained ""Merit"" for Grade 8 London College of Music Theatre examination.

This year, she obtained “Approved” for her DipLCM in Music Theatre.

*Achievements and Performances*
Cadence participates and has participated in various competitions including: “7th Singapore Performers' Festival & Chamber Music Competition 2018”, “B-Dazzled Singing Festival, “SAFRA Lil' Stars 2018”, ""HFC’s Kids Star Search 2018"", annual charity concert “ChildAid 2018”, “Vienna New Year’s Concert”, “Brilliant Talent Discovery International Music Competition” and “Voices of Singapore Stars 2019”

She was chosen as a Second Place Winner (Broadway/Musical Theatre Category) in the “American Protégé International Vocal Competition 2018, and she performed at Carnegie Hall in December 2018. And also, a Second Place Winner in Duet (Music Talent Category).

In her free time, she also does modeling and acting. She is one of the finalists for “Little Miss Tampines 2018” and she won the title “Miss Eloquence”.

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