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Acronite Flute Quartet

The Acronite Quartet is the Graduate Flute Quartet at West Virginia University,
consisting of Masters students Samantha Donnell, Michelle Li, David Stedge, and Lauren Zwonik.

Formed in 2018, The Acronite Quartet has been successful with competitions and outreach performances in the Morgantown, WV area. As a competitive quartet, the group placed 2nd in the 2018 WVMTNA Chamber Music
Wind Competition and 3rd in the 2019 WVU ChaMP Competition. Acronite has
performed for WVU ChaMP Masterclasses, Music at the Pylons, Student
Appreciation and Audition Days, and continues their outreach performances in theMorgantown community.

The members are current students of Professor Nina Assimakopoulos and are coached by both her and Dr. Alyssa Schwartz.

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