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Trevor Hyun

Trevor Hyun is currently a 14 year old going into his sophomore year at the Henry J. Kaiser H High School on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He currently studies piano under the direction of Dr. Wendy Yamashita. His passion in music has lead him to many accomplishments, such as placing 4th/2nd in the 2017/18 HMTA competitions, 3rd in the 2018 Hawaii Steinway Competition, 1st in the 2018 Osaka International Semifinals, 2nd in the online GCC competition in the ""Music of the 18/19 Century"" categories, as well as his recent performance in the 2019 Hawaii MTNA competition, which earned him 2nd. He has also participated in masterclasses with world-class pianists such as Sara Davis Buechner and Dr. Momoro Ono. Along with piano he also enjoys being a violist and a saxophonist, playing both in his former middle and current high school's band and orchestra, respectively, under the direction of Michael Bataluna. He currently studies viola with Mrs. Anna Womack and formerly studied saxophone under the direction of Mr. Wayne Fanning. Recently, he was the principal Violist of the Hawaii Youth Symphony's YSll, as well as a member of the Concert Orchestra in 2018. He has also participated in masterclasses with violist Andrew Gonzalez and other festivals/solo and ensembles. As a saxophonist, he was a soloist in the 2019 Niu Valley Middle School band,  where they were invited to partake in the Australia International Music Festival, performing in prestigious concert halls such as Chatswood Concourse and the Sydney Opera House.

Trevor plans to expand his knowledge of music in college and become either a performer or educator of the arts. 

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