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Miwa Baba

Miwa Baba, age 9, is a 3rd grader in Palo Alto, California. She started learning piano when she was 5 in Japan and moved to the US in 2016. She currently studies with Lena Grozman. She has some upcoming performances in 2019 at Carnegie Hall in New York City and Junior Bach Festival Spring Concert in Menlo Park. She won several piano competitions including 2nd prize in 2019 CAPMT Concerto North Competition, 1st prize in 2019 Elite International Music Competition, 1st prize in 2018 CAPMT Contemporary Music Competition District Ⅱ and 2nd prize at the State Finals, 4th prize United States Open Music Competition (USOMC) Showcase Solo and Open Solo 3C in 2018. Aside from piano, Miwa enjoys ballet, reading and playing with her two cats.

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