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Lucienne Montgomery

Lucienne Montgomery (Lucy), is 16 years old, a high school junior from Berkeley, California, and has studied piano with Ms. Naomi Sanchez for the past 10 years. Lucy has been a three-time performer in the Winners Recitals at the United States International Duo Piano Competition in Colorado Springs. In 2019, she was awarded 2nd Place for her performance of the Concerto for Two Keyboards by Bach. She will continue to present that piece at the Junior Bach Festival auditions and the U.S. Open Music Competition. She will also compete with a solo program at the U.S. Open Music Competition.

A goal-oriented musician, Lucy has completed many years of the National Piano Guild Auditions and the NFMC Federation Festival. Every year, she earns top honors in both programs. As a very young pianist, she earned the National Piano Guild Sonatina Medal for her presentation of five complete Sonatinas. At Federation Festival, she performs in both the Solo and Concerto Events, and has been an accompanist and singer for Vocal Ensemble. She has been selected by the judges as a soloist for the annual NFMC Northern California recital on at least 5 occasions.

In addition to her commitment to academic excellence, Lucy is very active in music at Berkeley High School where she is a member of the advanced orchestra (cello, piano) and takes AP Music Theory. In the spring of 2018, she was selected to perform Mozart Piano Concerto K.488 with the orchestra, and has already been invited to perform a triple concerto next season.

Besides music, Lucy competes for the Berkeley High School Track team, and holds a first degree black belt in the blended martial art style Kajukenbo Kung fu. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, learning languages, and trying new foods.

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