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Jasper Lee

Jasper Lee, 14, a freshman at Cupertino High School.  He has been learning cello for 6 years.  He had studied with Ms. Jill Miller, Mr. Samsun Van Loon, and Mr. M. Dediashvili. He began studying with Ms. Vicky Wang since the summer of 2018.

Under the guidance of Ms. Wang, Jasper has received several awards from following competitions:  in year of 2020, he received 3rd place at KAMSA, US Open, 1st place alternative at VOCE/string competition; in 2019, he received awards from ENKOR Int’l, 1st place alternate/cello competition at VOCE, 2nd place at “Best Haydn Performance” at “Great Composer Competition”, the only cellist receiving a prize; as well as  in the category “Music of the 19th Century” of the “Great Composer Competition”, and Second Place in the J.S.Bach Category of the United States International Music Competition.  

Jasper enjoys playing various sports with friends during his free time. Though tennis is his favorite by far which he plays competitively.  He also loves reading, taking care of his fresh water aquarium. His favorite subjects at school are math and science.  His favorite author is Jack London. 

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