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Harmonic Inspiration

We are so confident that the greatest composer, Antonio Vivaldi who won our biggest heart would be proud of us. We might not be perfect at playing but we surely enjoy our journey to perform his music. As we prepare for this performance, we are developing our deep appreciation about this amazing piece which we consider as a gift from him and absolutely adore everything about it! Even though our rehearsals have been super late at night for the young kids, there are many excitements as we begin to feel his passion through the music. We hope our submission conveys our true adoration and utmost desires to be better.

Our trio members are Abigail Yo (12 years old), Caleb Su (11 years old) and Olivia Yao (10 years old). Individually and as a group, we have been nurtured by Mr. Ning Wang who is fully dedicated to develop our love of music. Under his guidance, despite of our different background, we learn to speak the language of music in a harmonic way with such passion and energy through this process. Our members truly inspire each other and sincerely hope our gift from the greatest composer inspires others as well. We take this opportunity with such a grateful heart because we are fully confident that this will serve as a light for our life long journey of music.

Olivia Yao, cello
Caleb Su, piano
Abigail Yo, cello

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