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Emma Song

I am 14 years old and have been playing cello for more than four years. I have participated in many local, county, and state level festivals and competitions, including County Solo and Ensemble Festivals (accepted to the state level), County Performing Arts Festival, All County orchestra, and All State orchestra. I have played in the Maryland Classical Youth Orchestra (MCYO) for 3 years and was principal cellist in their Chamber Orchestra. I also played in a string quartet group at MCYO. Recently, I was honored to perform with the American Chinese Orchestra at the prestigious US National Cultural Center, the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. I also routinely play for seniors and patients at a local senior center and hospital. I really enjoy bringing merriment to the people around me with something I love to do. When I am not playing cello I am dancing, reading, and trying to catch up with all of my school work!

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