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Hansen Berrett

Hansen was born in Monterey Park, California on June 26, 2007 (he’s currently 11 years old.) His mother is from Beijing, and Hansen lived in Beijing, China with his grandparents for a year at 3 years old, so he speaks Mandarin fluently, and has now added German to his languages as a student at the German International School in Beaverton, Oregon.

Hansen’s dad exposed him to music at a very young age. At 5 ½ years old, Hansen began taking piano lessons. Amongst his natural musical gifts Hansen has perfect pitch - he can name any note on the piano when played for him without looking at the keyboard.

Awards: 2014 Romantic Festive Winner

2014 OMTA Classical Festival Winner

2015 Oregon Junior Bach Festival Winner

2015 Romantic Festival Winner

2015 OMTA Classical Festival Winner

2015 Portland Young Pianists Festival – 2nd Place

2016 Oregon Junior Bach Festival Winner

2016 Romantic Festival Winner

2016/05/21 Pass Level VI Piano OMTA Syllabus Exam

Hansen currently resides in West Linn, Oregon with his parents and his 5 year old sister, Hanna. He studies piano with former concert pianist Mark Westcott.

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