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Alex Zheng (violin)

Alex, age 16, is currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. He started playing the violin at age 6 and currently studies with Wei Zhao from the San Francisco Conservatory. He is also a pianist and is an avid chamber musician. Alex first started competing when he was 13 years old. He has attended numerous competitions, receiving rewards from a few of them, including the Santa Clara Branch VOCE Ensemble Competition (February 2017,1st Place), the California State Level VOCE Ensemble Competition (April 2017), the Junior Bach Festival (February 2019), and the Beethoven Piano GreatComposers Competition (November 2018, 3rd Prize). He also attended CASMEC in 2018, being selected as a 1st violin in the String Orchestra. Alex also enjoys playing music and cooperating with others. He plays music at his school’s chamber orchestra and has studied chamber music at CalPrep Music for 3 years. He has been to various string and chamber summer camps, including Center Stage Strings, Kinhaven, and the Tanglewood Violin Workshop this Summer 2019. He played in the Sinfonietta ECYS Orchestra. He enjoys playing bridge and taking walks, as well as reading books.

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