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Leilani Griegossies Roberson

Coloratura Soprano
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Villager beauty and the beast Netflix
High Flying Bird Spencers Team Sonderbergh
Mozart in the Jungle Middle school Girl Amazon (ECS)
Billions Sister Showtime (EP)
Funny Girl Jenny French Woods Festival
Magic flute Queen of the night Talent show
Thoroughly modern Millie French Horn Talent unlimited
Hairspray Kamille French Woods Festival
Little Me PoorWoman French Woods Festival
Alice in Wonderland Alice Symphony Space
Brooklyn youth Chorus Voices of France Carnegie Hall
Vocal Performance Musical 2 nd Prize Great Composer Competition
Voice Over:
Infomercial List Upon Request
Marilyn Tov 2008
Spring/Summer clothing line (http://marilyntov.com)
Various Stock Photography
Special Skills:
Strong, expressive vocal range, songwriting
Instruments: French
Horn, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Violin
Languages: German, Spanish some Manderin Chinese
Theater Dance, Skating, Biking, Swimming, Horse back riding
Mannes school of music: Vanderlinde: Voice + Chamber Chorus
Karen Nimerella: Voice, Burwasser TU HS Orchestra French Horn, Fagen:
Brooklyn Youth Chorus: Choir, Solo Voice (Sarah Paar), Mimi Stuart: Actinimprov
Diller Quaile School of Music: Piano, Chorus, Chelsea Piers: Gymnastics
Broadway Dance Center: Ballet, Tap, Jazz dance, Contemporary, Hip
Hop, Theater dance

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