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Cherry Li

I have learned and practiced piano for nine years and have participated in many piano competitions. Here are some of my proudest accomplishments:

Helen cup Shanghai International Youth Piano Competition - 1st place - 2010
Solo piano concert in Zhengzhou Henan - December 2010
Chinese Spring Festival Gala - January 2011
Published my own CD classical music in Bejing - 2011 April
Performance with Maxime - 2012
Caesar cup Piano Competition - 2nd place - 2013
Beijing Hope Cup Piano Competition - 1st place - 2014
Singapore Chinese art festival of piano - 2014
First place in Competitions held in beijing (Haidian festival) - 2015
First place in Hai Lun cup Piano Competition - 2016
Solo concert in China - 2017
First place Xing Hai cup Piano Competition - 2018

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