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Amber Lin

I am the 5th grade student in APAAS (Alternative Program for Academically Advanced Students) in Irvine school, California. My school has offered me a great chance to accelerate the academic program.

Besides the academic classes, I've enjoyed attending the Musical Play, Christmas Chorus, Spring Sing, Field Math and Track competition.

Among the extra-curriculum, I play piano, play golf and sing in SCCC and have been determined to make the progress in each stage. In this coming summer, I will play piano in Carnegie Hall because I was awarded as the first place in AFAF’s 2019 Russian Winter Festival. My leisure-time hobbies are reading and watching the cooking program on YouTube.

I am proud of my achievements of piano performance. The recent piano competitions I have participated include:

-AFAF-Russian Music Festival 2018- 1st Place Winner / Oct 2018
-Great Composers COMPETITION- The Art of Piano- First Prize Winner/Oct 2018
-LA Young Pianist Competition- 1st Place Winner/ Oct 2018
-James Ramos International Video Competition (JRIVC)- 3rd Place Winner/Aug 2018
-Southwestern Youth Music Festival- 1st Place Winner/ Jul 2018
-Diamond Bar Performing Art Contest- 1st Place Winner/ Jul 2018

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