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Shirley Cha

Shirley Cha has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Ever since she started playing the piano, her dream of becoming a concert pianist has never changed. She loved experiencing the connection between the music, the performers, and the audience; the feeling of becoming one within the music. From then on, she decided to devote her life to making music. After coming to Canada, Shirley studied with Anna Levy for about four years before going into university. During this time, she performed in various music festivals such as the Coquitlam District Music Festival, Pacific Youth Piano Festival, and Richmond Music Festival to gain more experience in playing in front of an audience. In 2015, she was accepted to the School of Music at UBC. She is a fourth year student working toward her Bachelor of Music degree with Professor Amanda Chan. Shirley believes that music is a language which everyone around the world speaks and understands and she will use it to communicate and to heal people who live in despair.

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