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Briaunna Young

Briaunna Young, age 13, began studying flute at the age of four with her mother Katrina Young. She is a ninth grader at Stansbury High School and resides in Stansbury Park, Utah. She won the 2015 Utah State MTNA junior woodwind division and placed runner-up in the region Arizona competition as a sixth grader. Briaunna has won the Utah Flute Association Annual Competition seven times and has performed on their 'Winner Recitals'. She also has seven years of consecutive Superiors in the Federation Flute Festival. Briaunna is also a dancer and has performed with Ballet West Nutcracker for three years, soloed as Clara in The Dance Centre's production of the Nutcracker, and will be performing as a Snow Corps with the Mountain West Ballet Nutcracker this season. She lights up the stage whether is it performing flute or dance and is a joy to watch!

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