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Jewelia Spjute

Jewelia Spjute began playing the violin at 4 years old. She began lessons before she knew how to read and studied violin under the direction of Nathan Hooper, Emily Woods, and now Hannah Garrett. She has always loved music and enjoys playing for church, care centers, string ensembles, and her High School orchestra. Jewelia has always had a great love for music and enjoys playing everything from classical violin to modern, contemporary or fiddle tunes. She is an incredible sight reader and excels in stringed instruments. Jewelia also plays acoustic and electric guitar and sings, and has composed several pieces for violin, guitar and voice. She is a member of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and participates in local chamber orchestras and ensembles. Jewelia is a music volunteer at the Children's Hospital and enjoys her time there. She has won local competitions in violin performance and international awards as well. When not listening to music or playing her instruments, Jewelia enjoys reading, playing games, painting and hanging out with friends.

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