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Jewelia Spjute

At age 3, Jewelia Spjute insisted that she wanted a "mini violin" just for her to play.  At age 4 she received a violin for Christmas and began her dream even before she learned to read.  Jewelia began performing in front of an audience by age 6.  She has studied with wonderful teachers Nathan Hooper and Emily Woods, and currently studies with Hannah Garrett.  She has been a part of school orchestras since 7th grade and is presently the Concert Mistress of her high school concert orchestra.  Jewelia is also part of the Utah Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and this year's High School All State Orchestra.  She has won several local and international music awards and loves being involved with music.  Jewelia volunteers at churches, hospitals and care centers.  She is also a talented guitarist and sings in several choirs.  

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