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Ekaterina Dimitrova

Ekaterina Dimitrova play on piano from 5 years. She started studying piano at the age of seven in a musical class of the exclusive musical pedagogue Ms. Elena Yuliianova at the High School ""Ekzarh Antim I"" Kazanlak, Bulgaria. A student with excellent musical and technical abilities, bright artistic and stage qualities, for a period of training in the piano class, marks a significant growth in the development of her musical talents. Ekaterina sincerely loves art and music and  thanks to hard work, perseverance and ambition, she has achieved remarkable success with her performance in national and international competitions for a very short time. She loves the scene and her bright, expressive and artistic performances always contribute to her success. She has won not only countless awards and also applauses and hearts of the audience at the concert halls. In 2018 Ekaterina played for first time to a concert with a simphony orchestra. A small part from her multiple awards by last years are Third prize winner to the global online competition Best Shostakovich Performance (2nd edition,2018) and Second prize winner to The Music of Mediterranean Europe 2019, Second prize to the global online competition Best Shostakovich Performance (3rd edition,2019) member of Great Composers Competition Series. First prize and laureat of the Fifth international Competition Andrei Stoyanov 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria and special prize participation to concerts in the Republic of Cyprus in 2019. First prize of the Ninth international competition Vivapiano 2020 Sofia, Bulgaria. Second prize of International festival Orpheus in Italy 2020  Lido di Jesolo, Italy. 

Even in the hard year of 2020, she does not stop playing and participates in a number of online concerts and competitions and continues to develop on the way of musical art to pursuing her dream!

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