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Naomi Luther

My name is Naomi Luther, I'm 20 years old and I'm a flutist.

I was born in Munich, Germany, and my musical career began there. I started to play the recorder with 4 years, the piano with six and the flute with 8 years.
I enjoyed playing the flute and also participating in Competitions like ""Jugend musiziert"", in which 2014 I reached the second price in the last round, which is country wide.
2010 I entered in the youth orchestra of the ""Bayrische Staatsoper München"" and collected my first orchestra experiences in a really good youth orchestra and got the possibility to play under directors like Zubin Metha or Kent Nagano.

There I also got to know my next teacher, a flutist in the orchestra ""Bayrisches Staatsorchester"" (Andrea Ikker), which should be my teacher from then until I began to study.
2014 I entered in the Bavarian youth orchestra, the best youth orchestra of Bavaria, where I in between others played under Jonathan Nott, and stayed there till 2016.
Summer 2015 I left school with very good results and made my entrance exams for the university of music at the same time. I got the place in Weimar with professor Wally Hase, which also had been my first choice.
I studied two years in Weimar, collected more experiences and learned very much.

Last year I decided to make an Erasmus year in Spain, because I always wanted to go abroad and Spain seemed attractive to me. I went to Zaragoza, because I didn't want to go to a big tourist city and because they have a quite good offer there, although the level of classical music education in general is quite lower.

So I studied one year there with my three professors Antonio Nuez, Fernando Gómez and André Cebrián. It was an interesting experience and although I maybe didn't learn the things, that I would have learned with my professor in Weimar, I learned other things like working more by myself, adapting me to a new (musical) culture and of course a new language. Now the course there finished and I will continue my studies in Vienna, because my professor in the future will teach there at the ""mdw"" university of music and art.

In all my career I made various masterclasses, for example with Michael Faust, Ann-Catherina Heinzmann, Jacques Zoon, Clara Andrada, Irmela Boßler and Michael Kofler.

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