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Aiden Moon

Aiden Moon is a 7th grader at Parkway Central Middle School in St. Louis, MO. He started piano lessons with Yulia Rife when he was five and currently studies with Dr. Soo Kyung Kim. 
He has previously attended the SLAMTA Sonatina festival and PTRT (Piano Teacher’s Round Table) showcase concert. He was runner-up (2017, 2019) and winner (2018) in the MMTA (Missouri Music Teachers Association) state piano competition. He won the first prize from the Best Debussy Performance (2018) of the Great Composer Competitions and the second prize from the Art of Piano (2019). 
He also plays violin for his middle school's Honors and Chamber Orchestra. Apart from music, he is a black belt in Taekwondo. He also enjoys solving various Rubik’s cubes and drawing. 

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