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Elishia Yeung

Elishia Yeung, 13 years old was originally from Hong Kong but resides in Vancouver, Canada. She started to learn her first instrument, the piano at age 4 and the harp at 6.

Elishia is the Gold Prize winner at Hong Kong Talent Competition 2012, Gold Prize winner at The Fourth and The Fifth Orchestral Open Competition, Silver Prize winner at the 2nd Hong Kong Harp Competition, the Third Prize winner at the 1st Asia Harp Ensemble Competition in Singapore 2015. Ist prize winner at Vancouver Kiwanis Festival 2018 and Gold Prize winner at Kiwanis Fraser Valley Festival 2018 who received a scholarships of Rising Stars Scholarship and The Most Performing Harp Student Scholarships in these festivals.

Elishia had performed for numerous international harp and piano festivals including Asian Youth Music Festival 2010, Hong Kong Children and Youth Art Festival 2013,Sydney World Harp Congress 2015, Hong Hong World Harp Congress 2017 and Showcase Gala Concert in Fraser Valley Kiwanis Festival 2018.

Elishia had participated in many music charity events on both harp and piano such as Oxfam Music Marathon Hong Kong 2014, Redford Charitable Foundation and Children's Cancer Foundation.

Elishia was under the instruction of Ms. Dan Yu in Hong Kong and is currently under the tutelage of Ms. Miya Otake in Canada.

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