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Caleb Shih

Caleb Shih, a 15-year-old freshmen from Wilcox High School has been studying piano since the age of seven. Caleb’s past teachers include Mrs. Anna Rozvosky, and Mr. Frank Levy. Caleb currently studies with Ms. Erna Gulabyan and has been under her guidance for the last five years. Caleb enjoys the exhilaration of music and has always enjoyed playing the piano. Besides piano, Caleb also plays the violin and participates in the school orchestra. Tennis is Caleb’s another passion. He has been playing tennis for five years and is part of the school tennis team. Caleb has been participating in piano recitals since he was seven, and started competitions at the age of 12. His most recent award is second place at the US open music competition in the showcase solo competition.

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