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Adriana Uzunova

I am Adriana Uzunova 15 years old from Bulgaria. I started playing the piano at age of 9 under the guidance of Mrs. Elena Yuliianova. I participate in a lot of concerts and master classes with Prof. Pavlina Dokovska - New York , USA , Prof. Shantal Stiliani - France , Prof. Krasimir Taskov - Bulgaria , Martin Ivanov - Vienna , Austria , Evgeni Genchev - Great Britain , and many others. I am winner of more than 60 prizes by Bulgarian and International competitions. I played in duo , trio , quartet and ensamble with different instruments.I was a solist of Philharmonic Orchestra in Sliven conducted by Dimitar Karaminkov.

Grand Prix in National Competition ,,Turnovgrad 2018"

Grand Prix in National Competition - ,,Bulgarian childres sing, dance and draw 2018"

Grand Prix Piano duo with Viktoria Vlahova in International competition ,,Vivapino 2018"

Special prize in International competition ,,Young talents 2018"

Third prize and year scholarship in National competition ,,Orfeeva darbä 2018"

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FREE Entries: September 8 - 15

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