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Wilson Gao

Wilson Gao has been studying piano since he was a kindergartener. Most recently, he studies under Mrs. Laura Schindler (NCTM, national certified teacher of music in piano) and performs at various local piano solo and concerto events. He practices his piano every day no matter how busy his schedule is, and listens to classical music even when doing his homework.

Wilson Gao is a freshman in high school, but he has competed in national math and chess competitions for years. Most recently, he was ranked the top 100 chess player for under age 10 group when he was a 5th grader, scored a perfect AMC8 when he was a 7th grader and another perfect ACT when he was a 8th grader.

Wilson Gao once told a news reporter that he can be relaxed and in his own world when he plays or listens to classical music, no matter how stressful things can be. He really likes his life to be as beautiful as some of the music that he performs.

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