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Wilson Gao

Wilson Gao is fourteen years old and is currently in eighth grade. He has played piano for eight years. Of his accomplishments, Wilson has won first place in the Missouri Music Teacher's Association state competition in fourth grade, and, more recently, second place in eighth grade. He has also won third place in the prestigious Saint Louis Area Music Teacher's Association's Young Artists Competition in seventh grade and has previously gotten the same place in GCC's Best Prokofiev Competition. He will be playing a solo recital on March 14th, his repertoire consisting of Bach's Prelude and Fugue in D Minor from the Well-Tempered Clavicord Book Two, Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata Movement 1, Fantasie-Impromptu by Chopin Widmung by Schumann-Liszt, Prelude by Prokofiev, and Ginastera's Danza del gaucho matrero.

Besides playing piano, Wilson is also assistant concertmaster in his school orchestra and enjoys composing in his free time. Other activities include competitive math, chess, and tennis.

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