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Vi Hong

When I was younger, from the age of three, I was able to easily play songs using my perfect pitch, and started composing from the age of six. My sister was my first inspiration, as I grew up watching her concerts and listening to her own compositions. But as I grew older and learned more repertoires, composers such as Beethoven became my biggest influences. However, one of the most powerful music experiences I have ever had is watching a performance of Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto at the Hollywood Bowl. I have listened to that concerto many times, but there is nothing like witnessing a live performance, as the music touched me in a way a simple recording could not. The piano’s music echoed around the stadium and reverberated in my chest, and I left the concert with my heart singing. Today, I attend Vistamar high school and am a senior. I wish to continue my love for music in college by majoring in piano performance.

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