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Toni Arslan

Toni Arslan is born 15 th of July 1992 in Ohrid, Macedonia. He began his musical adventures at the age of 5 and then he started his musical education at the age of 8 in Ohrid. After completing it in 2007, for the next four years he attended high school in Struga under Mr. Muhamed Bajram. He continued his studies at the Faculty of Music in Skopje under Mr. Mihailo Kufojanakis.He also took lessons with Mr. Sammy Stahlhammer who was First Concertmaster at the Stockholm Royal Opera and Lecturer at the Stockholm Royal Music College for 25 years and a faculty member at the Stockholm Royal Music College. He also saw his musical talent and virtuosity for playing violin. In 2015 he developed severe injuries that prohibited him from playing violin continuous for the next two years. He has performed in many concerts as soloist, chamber musician and member of the orchestra including performances as soloist with FMU Orchestra in 2013 for which he received great compliments for Sarasate - "Gjypsy airs" by the famous conductor, composer and double bass player Emil Tabakov and also from the composer Zivoin Glisic. Later in 2014 and 2015 he attended the “Ohrid Summer” festival, taking part of the ending concert of the seminar of Emilio Percan. He has also performed as a member of the “Chamber Orchestra Music Youth” of Macedonia on the “Skopje Summer” and “Ohrid Summer” festivals. As a notable performance with the FMU orchestra it should be mentioned the new years concert in Saraevo, Bosnia in 2012. In a concert master role he performed with the “Dragan Suplevski” chamber and choir orchestra and “Ansambl-Mania” in 2014. His participation in musical tournaments is not huge. He is two-time second place winner on the state competition in 2010 and he has also attended the internationl competition “Ohrid Pearls”.

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