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Sarah Khan

I am a Pakistani-American who has been playing for six years now; however, I have only started weekly lessons about a year ago. I have been involved in music since fifth grade when I joined band. At first, my passion for flute and music was confined to only band, but my mind longed to play flute in wider setting. Once I started occasional, infrequent private lessons in middle school, joined youth symphony orchestras, became involved with other flutists, and began to take more frequent lessons with a new teacher, my passion for flute grew. I have been principal flutists in the Everett Youth Symphony Concert Orchestra and the Cascade Youth Symphony Junior Orchestra, and I have risen to the position of the principal flutist and flute section leader of the Mariner High School Wind Ensemble. My involvement in music primarily revolves around band, youth symphony orchestras, private lessons, and chamber lessons, but music has played a role beyond such experiences in my life. Music has always been my escape from reality. At many points of my life, when I would feel lost, overwhelmed, and misunderstood, the flute became my medium to a different world-- a world of various emotions, overwhelming thoughts, subtle reflection, deep contemplation, and most of all, vivid sensory. At each moment when I would pick up my flute and breathe before I held a note, I thought of the color that I wanted to show, the aura that I wanted to sense, the flavor that I wanted to taste, and especially the story that I wanted to tell to my audience. Playing flute has allowed me to further define myself, and the act of playing music extends to my audience as well as a part of myself is about bringing joy to others. For many years to come, I hope that the flute remains as an important part of my life, and more importantly, I hope that I continue to bring my melodies, my stories, to a larger audience. I hope that they see a vivid scenery of flourishing colors; I hope that they scent a faint, desirable fragrance; I hope that they taste a delightful flavor; I hope that they feel moved by my story; I hope that their hearts fill with emotions. Most of all though, I hope that my music lifts them from their darkness and impending indifference and takes them into a world of light and overflowing emotions.

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