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Martyna Omachel

My name is Martyna and I’m 14 years old. I live in Poland, in Koszalin, few minutes from the Baltic Sea. Since 2011 I’m learning in Grażyna Bacewicz Music School in Koszalin. My teacher is Mrs. Agnieszka Bugajski. When I was younger, first I wished to play the accordion, later – the violin, as my older sister Julia does. But my parents decided, that I will play the flute. And I’m sure, that it was a good decision! That’s how everything started – I take part in many competitions, and many of them are my bigger or smaller succeses. I also played in a school orchestra, few bands and duets. Thanks to my teacher, I take part in many interesting flute workshops with some known and well-thought-of professors such as:

- maestro P. Gallois,
- prof. J.E. Schau,
- dr G. Birgisdóttir,
- dr A. Igras,
- R. D`Arcangelo,
- dr hab. E. Murawska,
- dr E.A. Zawiślak,
- prof. Sophie Dufeutrelle.

I dream to become a well-known musician in the future, so I will travel the world and play many concerts in different places.

But music is not my only passion - i like reading books and watching movies. I love to cook and bake cakes and pastries. I am happy to help my mom and dad in the kitchen. And I really like animals, I have a cat and a dog.

My achievements so far:

2019 – XVIII School Flute Competition – first prize
2018 – The Music of Germany & Austria (3rd Edition, 2018) - Age Group III – first prize
2017 – The 4th district review of soloists - instrumentalists of Potęgowo 2017 – second prize,
2015 - West Pomeranian Flute Etude Competition - Category II - first prize,
2015 - XIV School Flute Competition - third prize in the first age group,
2014 - XVII International Festival and Guitar Competition Trzęsacz 2014 - third prize,
2013 - 9th Methodical Meeting of Guitarists - in the group of 1st degree music groups - first prize,
and other awards in many competitions.

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