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Daniel Lu

Daniel Lu is a 6th grade student in New Jersey, United States. He has been playing piano for 6 years with Ms. Galina Prilutskaya. Daniel loves music and performed in Carnegie Hall several times during the past few years. He was the gold prize winner of the Russian music festival of American Fine Ares Festival and is currently preparing for the 8th grade ABRSM exam. Daniel participated in Westminster conservatory's chamber music summer camp in 2017 and played Haydn's piano concerto No. 11 in D major with orchestra.

Daniel enjoys learning mathematics and science at school and plays baritone in his school band. He is also one of the top New Jersey swimmers who competed in a number of New Jersey state swim meets and a finalist in the 2018 Eastern Zone Championship meet. Classical music is often Daniel's choice of entertainment during rides to swim practices and meets.

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