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Joanna Maja Jasnowska

Joanna Maja Jasnowska, an 12-year old pianist, born in 2008. Since the age of five she has been taking her piano lessons (Suzuki method) in the class of Marzena Jasińska-Siudzińska. Presently she is in the 6th grade at the 1st Level General State Music School of Emil Młynarski in Warsaw in the piano class of Anna Stempin-Jasnowska, PhD, Post-doctoral degree, Music Academy professor in Bydgoszcz.
Joanna, despite her young age, has already played with various orchestras. In December 2015 (at the age of 7) she had her debut as a soloist at a concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Koszalin. She played the C-maj piano concert op. 44 by I. Berkowicz with the local orchestra conducted by Aleksander Gref. In April 2016 she performed in Lviv Philharmonic playing a piano concert accompa-nied by the Inso Lemberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by I. Vokulin as a part of the International Festival ""European Music Meetings"" In 2017, 2019 and 2020 she performed with the Lviv Chamber Orchestra ""Academia"" conducted by I Pylatiuk and she played a piano concertos: D-maj by I. Bort-niańki, F-min by J.S. Bach and A-maj KV 488 by W. A. Mozart as a part of 12th, 14th and 15th Inter-national Piano Forum ""Bieszczady without boarders"" in Sanok. She also performed at the National Philharmonic playing Chopin for the younger audience. In the Summer of 2017, after winning awards at two international competitions, she played at the Musikverein Festival in Brahms -Saal (The Gold-en Hall) in Vienna.

Joanna is a laureate of many piano competitions as well as chamber ones. Oftentimes she has been rewarded for her performance of playing pieces by F. Chopin. She is the first one to receive a Tatia-na Szebanowa reward for outstanding Chopin predispositions during the International Piano Forum in Sanok.
Below are some of the competitions that have brought Joanna the highest scores:
- Grand Prix, 1st Place in A category, the 1st Prize of the competition - she performed as the soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Koszalin, the prize for the youngest participant in the Competition - International Piano Competition „Musical Confrontations of the Young” - Koszalin, Poland, May 2015
- 1st Prize - 3rd Baroque Music Competition – Ostrołęka, Poland, May 2015 (national competition)
- 1st Prize - 3rd International Piano Competition ENKOR - USA, August 2016
- 1st Level Prize - 14th Competition of Children's Duos ""Suettino"" – Warsaw, Poland, December 2016
- 1st Prize, Special Prize - an invitation to the finale of the 2nd International Feurich Piano Competition in Vienna, Diploma for the best performance of the Polish composer's piece - 1st International Piano Competition ‚Feurich Virtuoz” – Lviv, Ukraine, October 2016
- Golden Virtuoso Diploma, Tatiana Szebanowa Diploma for outstanding Chopin predisposi-tions, Diploma for the outstanding performance of F. Chopin music piece - 8th International Competition „Young Virtuoso” – Sanok, Poland, February 2017
- Grand Prix and 1st Level Prize - 3rd International Duo Confrontation ""Percussion and..."" – War-saw, Poland, March 2017
- 1st Place, The Competition Award - participation in the Musikverein Festival in Vienna - 2nd International Feurich Piano Competition - Vienna, Austria July 1-3, 2017
- Grand Prix, 1st Prize - 2017 The 7th Vienna International Art Open, Musikverein International Music Festival in Vienna, Austria, August 8-9, 2017
- 1st Prize - International Music Competition ""Best Bach Performance"", London, England, March 21.03.2018
- Grand Prix, 1st Prize - 5th Bela Bartok's International Piano Competition for children and youth, Warsaw, Poland, April 27-29, 2018
- Grand Prix, Golden Virtuoso Diploma - 10th International Piano Competition ""Young Virtuoso"" - Sanok, Poland, February 2019
- Grand Prix - 12th National Competition for students of all specialization ""Small or Big Virtuoso?"" – Warsaw Poland, March 11-12, 2019
- Grand Prix - 5th National Baroque Music Competition – Ostrołęka, May 2019
- 1st Prize – International Piano Competition – Libiąż, 19.01..2020
- 1st Prize – Glory 25 under 25 International Music Competition – online competition, 4.02.2020
- 1st Prize – Glory International Piano Competition – the Student Jury Awards, online competition, 4.02.2020

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