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Isaac Blackburn

Isaac Blackburn lives in Pelham, Westchester County, where he is a freshman at Pelham Memorial High School and a pianist for his high school chorus. He has been studying piano since he was five years old and with his teacher Rie Matsumoto since he was seven. He performs at Classical and Romantic period festivals every year, and his piano competition prizes include first prize in the Piano Teachers' Congress of New York competition, gold prize in the Young Pianist Competition of New Jersey, and first place in the International Vivo Music Competition.

Isaac also plays the viola in the Westchester all-county orchestra. As a student at Hoff-Barthelson Music School, Isaac explores his interest in composition and has completed three pieces: a string quartet, a piano concerto, and a piano sonata. Classical music continues to inspire him as he enters his 10th year of study.

Isaac grew up reading books on every subject that he could get hold of. He has recently discovered his interest in logic, debate and philosophy. He participates in forensic speech and congressional debate, model U.N. conferences, and the cross-country team. Reading, composing classical music, skiing, and strategy games are some of his hobbies.

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