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Hayden Lee

Hayden Lee is in the third grade. He started piano lessons in January 2017 at the age of six. After receiving First Class Honors in Preparatory A Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music in July 2017, Hayden had his first piano recital in October 2017. Shortly after his first recital, Hayden entered his first piano competition, an October 2017 Hawaii Music Teachers Association (HMTA) Junior Artist Competition, Level I (Ages 7-8). In January 2018, he attended a HMTA sponsored workshop with professional pianist, Joyce Yang, and he had the honor of briefly playing for her after the workshop. In March 2018, Hayden was awarded First Prize in Age Group I of the Great Composers Competition, Best Bach Performance (2nd Edition, 2018). In May 2018, he successfully completed the Royal Conservatory of Music Level Three Practical Piano Examination. Hayden placed third in the First Edition 2018 Glory International Baroque Music Competition, First Age Group (Ages 7–10) and first place in the "IMKA" International Internet Music Competition (Piano, Prodigy Kids 8) in October 2018. In December 2018, Hayden placed first in the 2018 "Rome" Grand Prize Virtuoso competition (Young Musician, Ages 8 and Younger). He also placed first in The Art of Piano, 3rd Edition Age Group II (Ages 8-10) and first in the 2018 Golden Classical Music Awards International Music Competition (Piano Category, Young Musician Ages 8 and Under). His latest accomplishnent was third place in the Best Mozart Performance, 3rd Edition, 2019 (Age Group II, Ages 8-10) in January 2019. In addition to piano, Hayden's interests include swimming, running, reading, and studying Japanese.

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