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Jorge Ángel Rodríguez Bruciaga

2012: First place at the talent competition of the Colegio Anglo Español, Durango.
2013: First place at the talent competition of Colegio Anglo Español, Durango.
2015: Honorable mention for the best interpretation of Mexican work at the national competition ""Las Notas de Guido"", Xalapa Veracruz.
2017: Undergraduate studies under the tutelage of Dr. Antonina Dragan. First place and best interpretation of the compulsory work at the ""Jóvenes Virtuosos 2017"" competition, Monterrey.
2018: Second place in Mozart's performance at the international competition ""Best Composers"", London. Second place at the ""Jóvenes Virtuosos 2018"" competition, Monterrey.
2019: Second place at the ""Jóvenes Virtuosos 2019"" competition, Monterrey.
2020: First place at international competition, Ukraine, First place at competition competition, Bulgaria. Third place at international competition, Israel.

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