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Jorge Ángel Rodríguez Bruciaga

My name is Jorge Angel Rodriguez Bruciaga, I am an 19 years old Mexican student. Since my first day of school, I have been qualified as an excellent student. During my educational process, I have been enrolled in many activities in all behaviors, like sports, arts, academics, community service, and others. In many moments of my life, I received many prices, both academic and competitive behaviors: For being an excellent student, for getting the best grades of my generation, for discipline, for best grammar of the region, for best math of the region, for best talented student, for arts, for reading and writing, and many others achievements. And also, I have been part of many projects in school, writing newspapers, creating a magazine, collaborative assistance to needed people, enterprising, science projects, acting on the principal theatre of my city, as many other projects. I was interviewed on TV for being one of the best students of the nation, and also I have been part of one of the best schools of the city.
My passion with music started when I was 13 years old. In 2012, I started to study music apart of school. My pianistic education is really rapid and increasing. I made my own success in music by:

* Winning many music competitions.
* Invited to perform at many theatres, ceremonies, universities, and schools.
* Collaborative piano.
* Music Composing.

I want to make my career my passion, and share my passion to the world.

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