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Addison Baldridge

Throughout years of playing various instruments, I have learned that music is a language which transcends normal language. Music startles, excites, warms, and chills audiences without requiring the burden of speech. As a singer, I thrive on this "burden of speech", but the transcendence remains. I love singing because it nourishes not only my soul, but the souls of those listening. I consider myself more than blessed that my singing has brought people to joyful tears or wistful peace because I know that I can bring them joy without relying on my own person, but on the effect of music. I have seen elderly residents at nursing homes be temporarily transported from their various disabilities by my singing. I know that I have no power over anyone's mind, but I rejoice over the fact that, though music, I can have a powerful loving impact on those around me. This is why I love singing, and this mindset, paired with my musical ability, defines me as a singer.

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